Welcome to Life in 361˚. This blog is an 'open journal' - a space where I keep notes on bits & pieces I come across day-to-day - including books and articles I've read that I feel are worth sharing, interesting pictures and photos (I'm a visual learner, you see), random musings - and anything else that happens to catch my eye or ear. It also acts as a kind of 'open experiment' in terms of developing my views and writing skills - and networking with other people of a like-mind.

If you've stumbled upon here randomly, then I suggest you check out my biography and other pages.

Please Note: This site, and the social networking profile pages connected with it, reflect my personal interests & views which do not necessarily represent those of organisations I am affiliated / associated with.

Around The Web

Aside from this blog and my teaching blog, Humans Not Robots, I have also contributed to various other websites / publications over the years. Below is a list of the more substantial written contributions I've made: 

Travel Writing:

I'm a big believer in 'consumer power' and contribute to Trip Advisor - my profile page, which links to all my reviews, can be accessed here. Some of these are about my travels abroad but there are many about visits back to my hometown, Sheffield.


Following on from my Trip Advisor debut, I have recently (as of September 2012) decided to start contributing to Amazon. I have so far created three Listmania! Lists of recommended reading:


I started writing poetry to aid with my day job, part of which involves teaching English to reluctant readers and writers - I sell poetry to my students as 'no rules writing'. These early attempts, written to demonstrate specific techniques, received positive feedback from colleagues and I've since had flurries of poetry writing, often as a way of processing emotions. I've published these on All Poetry as a way of gaining further feedback.

- The Seeker's Crossroads (Nov 2014)
Autumn Crown (Oct 2014)
Cast Me Away (Sept 2014)
The Moment (June 2014)
- Solo Artist (May 2014)
- Into Nirvana (May 2014)
- What We Can Say (April 2014)
- Our Way (Feb 2014)
- Winter Sun (Jan 2014)
A Moment of Clarity (Aug 2013)
- Dreamprints (Feb 2013)
Silence Is (Jan 2013)
- Brain Taming (Jan 2013)
- Twilight Towns (Nov 2012)
- Precious Freezeframes (Nov 2012)
- New Mamucium (Sept 2012)
- Local Boy Done Gone (Sept 2012)
- That Empty Chair (Apr 2010)
- Questions for an Acorn (Mar 2010)
- Notes from a Visitor (July 2010)
- Lone Cat (Mar 2010)
- Life in Spirit (June 2010)
- In Praise of Worms, Large and Small (June 2010)
- The Meaning of Life, a glimpse (June 2010)
- Grandad and his lads (Mar 2010)
- Dream Bird (Feb 2010)
- Crocodile Smile, Beware (Feb 2010) 


I was recruited to blog for Wednesdayite, the Sheffield Wednesday Supporters' Society, in June 2012. To date I have managed to produce four articles so far, but intend to write more:


The following articles were written some years ago (there were others, but they're no longer online), and my views have perhaps changed and matured since then, but they do represent a significant stage in my life:

- Is God's 'Most Noble Creature' invincible? (The Herald, Spring 2006) 

In 2008 I had a piece published in 'The Unitarian Life: Voices from the Past & Present' by Stephen Lingwood - with a small quote on panentheism. More recently, I've had a piece published in 'Our Christian Faith' by the Unitarian Christian Association.

Over recent years I've had a few pieces published in 'The Friend'. More recently I've been invited to write regularly for 'The Fellowship' magazine.


Last but not least, the thesis I wrote for my masters degree in history can be viewed here:

- Munitions of the Mind: The British Press in the Second World War

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