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The Trees by Philip Larkin

The trees are coming into leaf 
Like something almost being said; 
The recent buds relax and spread, 
Their greenness is a kind of grief. 

Is it that they are born again 
And we grow old? No, they die too, 
Their yearly trick of looking new 
Is written down in rings of grain. 

Yet still the unresting castles thresh 
In fullgrown thickness every May. 
Last year is dead, they seem to say, 
Begin afresh, afresh, afresh.

I am currently reading 'The Fragrance of God' by Vigen Guroian - the personal reflections of an Orthodox Church priest and keen gardener on the presence of God in the natural world. This poem appeared on my Facebook page and it struck me, just like many of the poems of RS Thomas, as pointing to that sense of divine mystery we can glimpse at work in the natural world - particularly at this time of year as our little island warms up in the spring sun. And of course, if the divine mystery is at work 'out there' in our gardens and woodlands, it is also surely at work within each one of us - if only we could discern it more clearly.

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