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Touring the nations...

I've just arrived back from the far south west of this sceptred isle, having spent a week in Devon and Cornwall. It's been an enjoyable week and an insightful one in terms of seeing part of the country previously unknown to me. Both places are distinct in their identities and quite different from northern England.

The Cornish, as many will already know, have their own sense of nationhood. However, I don't think this is as distinct as (cultural) Welsh nationalism, nor as antagonistic as (political) Scottish nationalism. It was pleasant to see the Cornish flag - known as St Piran's Flag - flying alongside the English flag, Celtic Nations flag and the Union Jack.

Our first stop was to see family and friends in Salcombe, on the Devon coast. It turns out they now have their own flag as well - though not without (somewhat parochial) controversy.

Moving beyond squabbles over scones, it strikes me this kind of regionalism is the beauty of English identity - the diversity of local communities, the sense of place, the fairly gentle and jovial nature of rivalry between areas...

Anyway, here are a few shots - first of Salcombe, then of Cornwall.


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