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Trust the Road

Having started a new post in an unfamiliar environment this week, I have admittedly been prone to moments of doubt, some rational and some due to being thrown out of my comfort zone. On hectically searching through a multitude of bits and pieces in my spare room for some materials I felt would practically help me in the new post, I happened on a book given to me during the first few days of my previous role - 'Trust the Road' by David O'Malley, a Catholic Salesian priest. It was a book I had often looked at and thought 'I should read that' but had never gotten round to giving it due time and attention. Anyway, this time I stopped, paused my thoughts and turned open the first few pages to read the introduction:

"The road of life unfolds each day in familiar patterns, new challenges and opportunities. Sometimes the pattern works out beautifully, at other times it makes as much sense as a game of snakes and ladders. Plans, relationships, work and choices all combine to make each life a unique journey. For Christians the challenge is to trust the road however it twists and turns. 

 Christians believe that, in the ordinary moments of each life, God is walking alongside each person. The goodness of God is locked into every life, and the gifts each person needs for their journey are already within them or available along the road ahead. The road takes each of us through time, but it is also eternal. The road takes us outwards, into a challenging world, but also leads us inwards, into who we really are. The road will take us out of ourselves, but deeper into relationship with others and the whole of creation."

It is in these unexpected moments when we hear the still, small voice at its loudest.

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