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Sorting through some old bits of paper recently, I found the following Catholic prayer which was once used to open an otherwise very dry policy meeting I attended. It provides a good definition, I feel, of how a modern Christian community might function.

We welcome each other,
We open ourselves to God's presence,
We welcome the opportunity to commune with one another,
We welcome fresh ideas and new insights.

Together we pray:
As Jesus taught his disciples,
as Jesus encourage his friends,
that where two or three gathering in God's name,
God's Spirit will be with us.

Help us to become more aware,
that you are with us and among us,
as we share, listen and work together.
May our work develop into action
that promotes justice, peace and love.

We choose to continue our journey
by listening and discerning the needs of the world
by being patient with the unknown and the uncertainties,
by living the questions
by listening gently to the chatter of our own desires and fears,
our angers and anxieties.

We call each other
to become more centered
to become more deeply tuned into the richness of existence
to reflect on our own experiences
to accept the challenge of shared vision
to continue asking questions.

We commit to supporting each other
to shape our future
to walk where there are no paths
to enjoy the wilderness
and occasionally to remind each other

to do what God requires of us:

to do justice
to love tenderly
to seek peace
and to walk humbly.

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