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Inbetween Place

I'm currently at an inbetween place, in terms of where to go to worship on a Sunday - and in the week. It's not necessarily a bad thing and I am allowing it to resolve itself with little deliberate thought (these things can be over-analysed) - if anything, it's a productive, liberating place to be.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am taking time to go through the myriad of books I own - charity shopping as many as my possessive self will allow - with a view to moving everything over to Kindle, as much as that is possible in terms of what's published for this format.

I'm keeping a log of the books I hold dear via Amazon Listmania! Tonight I created my third list:

Another thing keeping me busy this week, aside from work, is an article I've been writing on the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster for the Wednesdayite blog - this follows the release of a news report, and thousands of original documents, uncovering failings and corruption across the British state. Should Wednesdayite choose not to publish, I'll post here.

A final mention goes to the blog, Clothe Yourself in Righteousness, a radical Quaker blog that I seem to get regular incoming hits from - here's your link back!

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