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Changing Direction

I'm at a bit of a crossroads at the moment with this blog. I continue to be in an inbetween place, I feel, with regards to church membership / denomination affiliation - specifically in relation to the Unitarians & Free Christians, a denomination I hold dear yet nevertheless frustrates me. I've been here before and realise this is not going to be worked out by over-thinking it or writing about issues that are not yet clear in my mind, and which have probably been blogged about many times before. Instead, I need to just let it be. 

Many years ago I did run a blog dedicated entirely to book reviews and I often look back on this as a high point in my writing. Therefore I'm going to spend the next few weeks focusing on reviewing books I've read recently and continuing to highlight news / political items of interest.

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barryuu said...

Change is about the only thing I can think of that, if you don't like it, you should probably do it again.