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Sin Structures

I read today that Justin Whelby, the Bishop of Durham, is to join the 'Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards' - and he has good form in this area, having spoken out against pay-day loans a few months ago. Adverts for these kind of loans, charged at thousands of percent interest, have proliferated advertising boards, radio ad slots and daytime TV ad slots across the UK in recent years. 

I recall one of my local churches, Norcliffe Chapel, recently had an entire service dedicated to 'ursury' (including a look at Islamic models of banking, which offers an interesting point of comparison worth exploring further) and it was one of the most memorable, challenging services I have taken part in. 

This also leads me back to the chapter on Sin found in Marcus Borg's 'Speaking Christian' which offers some interesting points on how structures & systems, rather than individuals per se, can be viewed as sinful and in need of redemption. I think this is worth considering for people working in all types of organisations.

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