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Keyboard Warriors

If anyone has been following UK-based coverage of the Olympics, you will be aware of the furore in the media today over the verbal abuse sent via Twitter to Tom Daley. The abuser, '@rileyy_69', has since been arrested and held by police for questioning and placed firmly within the media spotlight. 

I understand the police action to an extent because he did at one point threaten violence. But the rest of it, as the Archbishop Cranmer blog highlights, is little more than the vile rantings of a seemingly troubled teenager - egged on by thousands of Twitter users who decided to leap to Tom Daley's defence, many of whom doing so by verbally abusing '@rileyy_69' in return.

Once again there is a big question here about the right to speak freely (and stupidly), whether the internet should be censored - at least to under 18s or under 16s, and where the red line is in terms of legally / illegally offending someone.

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