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Inclusive Jubilee?

As Elizabeth II and other members of the establishment attend a Christian service of thanksgiving at London's St Paul's Cathedral as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in Britain, I happened to stumble upon an Ekklesia article about the republican protests. In it, Symon Hill - one of the directors of the Ekklesia thinktank - is quoted as saying:

"I was really heartened by the cheer when I explained that jubilee was originally about economic justice... The Book of Leviticus says that every fiftieth year, debts should be cancelled, slaves set free and the economy rebalanced. As the gap between rich and poor in Britain grows ever wider, this is the sort of jubilee our society needs – not a celebration of wealth, privilege and military might.”

I didn't know this, and find this aspect quite interesting - particularly given last year's riots in London and the debates in the aftermath over why young people (from a range of economic backgrounds) feel excluded from society.

Will Self also makes an important point in BBC News Magazine, noting:

"...while our society may pay lip service to equality of opportunity, our fundamental values remain those of inherited wealth and privilege... Yes, deference is the key - and with each bent knee, each ma'am and sir and Your Majesty, we reaffirm that this is the way things are meant to be." (H/T: Stephen Lingwood, Reignite).

And finally, whilst most of the media of all political stripes have given scant regard to republican views (the Daily Mail going further to slip into their reporting how Republic protesters 'taunted families'), it was heartening to read this editorial from The Observer which again looks at the contradiction between Britain the meritocracy and Britain the monarchy.

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