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Walking with Cleopas

Following my recent post on connecting with the 'Easter moment', I was struck by this piece of ministry by Martin Kelley which I stumbled upon over at Quaker Ranter today:
"It seems to me there are three essen­tial com­po­nents to the Jesus biog­ra­phy: the teacher, the mar­tyr and the res­ur­rected Spirit. When we dis­miss or dis­count one piece, we limit our under­stand­ing and moti­va­tion to act.
This speaks to my condition at this moment, having not really connected with Easter this year, and coincidentally, having hit a period of intense uncertainty & doubt over aspects of my life.

This morning I also took part in a very simple act of communion at a local Baptist church (literally a loaf of bread broken up and some wine in glasses) - following the taking of communion at my brother's local Anglican church last week. Again, it spoke to my condition, it was something I had felt called to do - despite, to put it bluntly, previously deciding communion was an outdated, weird, excluding ritual (mainly due to the complex theology some churches attach to it). It was an act of commitment, an act of opening myself up.

As a side note, I readily admit I am somewhat nomadic in my church attendance at the moment, perhaps living out the Free Christian path to its limits - and perhaps, if I have time, I will pay this attention at some point over the coming weeks via this blog.

I think, as someone steeped in nearly a decade of particularly rationalist, individualistic Unitarian Christianity, I have lost connection with the more mystical and communal aspects of Christianity, the simple connection I had as a child - connection with Jesus, the man, the ideal, The Christ. Of course, adulthood arguably requires a different kind of connection, but sometimes we can get lost in the detail, intellectualising things and demanding proof, over-thinking ourselves into cynicism - a bit like Thomas the Apostle did, a bit like the hungry ghosts of Buddhism - when really we need to take a leap of faith, become more trusting,

and let God do the leading.

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