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Post-Easter struggles

Easter has been and gone, and this I week I've mused that for many of us now the real battle is on to either eat our chocolate eggs in moderation or eat them all in one go so as to get back on the healthy eating drive! There's clearly something funny and peverse in this, given the Easter story and what it can be reduced to 2000 years on.

I admit I struggle with Easter theologically, and during this time try to seek socio-political readings of the event - particularly those from the Progressive Christian school of thought. I'm also willing to admit that beyond this I tend to actively switch off to the Easter story because it's perplexing - I've got a pragmatic, problem-solving brain and I know throwing a conundrum like Easter into it is not a healthy move! And for that reason, Easter usually becomes a time where I 1) marvel at the 'ballsiness' of the story of a young Rabbi taking on the might of the Jewish hierarchy and their Roman sponsors  2) give up chocolate for 40 days (this year for less) and then gorge on chocolate come Easter Sunday.

However, it so happened that this year my Easter Sunday was spent at an Anglican church in London (due to family commitments) - one that is thriving through a mix of modern worship, traditional theology and most importantly,  run by a bunch of friendly, missional people. The theme of the service was 'Love Wins' (deliberately taken from Rob Bell I guess) and the sense of joy emanating from the congregation really took me aback - they weren't thinking through Easter, they were connecting with it.

It furthered my spiritual understanding of Easter and why fellow Christians are so gripped by it - that God does not stand outside of the human experience, truly God is within. Micah Bales provides a useful explanation of it here and Andrew Brown also provides another take here, and it's one that I'm going to try to meditate on. Not in an act of self-brainwashing, but rather to widen and deepen my understanding of this period in the Christian calendar.

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