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Human miracles?

There is so much to blog about at the moment - Lent, Afghanistan, leadership of the Church of England, homosexual marriage, the Lib Dems (Stephen Lingwood has published a thought-provoking post on them here), the Budget and so on. But I simply don't have the time - the day job beckons and I have numerous large pieces of work to complete before the Easter holidays arrive (where marriage planning and essay writing are then likely to take over!).

However, I will comment on, briefly, the observations of Howard Webb who refereed the ill-fated Bolton Wanderers versus Tottenham Hotspur football match on Saturday. As most readers in the UK will be aware already, the match saw Fabrice Muamba collapse with an almost-fatal heart problem in front of 35,000 fans. Since the incident, Howard Webb - commenting in the Sheffield Star - has drawn attention to what he believes was the crowd willing Fabrice Muamba to survive, alluding to a collective force at work.

I struggle with the idea of an interventionist God, casting down miracles and curses seemingly on a whim, but I am pretty much convinced the human soul has a profound power beyond our understanding (my own theological position is that each human soul is directly derived from God - something similar to 'The Oversoul') - and my reading of this incident is that during those dark moments on Saturday we saw a glimpse of human potential, individual and collective.

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Robin Edgar said...

"(my own theological position is that each human soul is directly derived from God - something similar to 'The Oversoul')"

Not to mention Carl Gustav Jung's "collective subconscious". . .