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No Labels Christian

Following my previous post about this morning's meeting for worship at the Sheffield Quakers, I thought I would add a further note. Does this now make me a Quaker? 

After the meeting I spoke with a Friend and he asked me about my background, I think observing that I have attended the meeting seemingly sporadically. I talked about how I currently find myself "inbetween places" - visiting a local Unitarian & Free Christian church on occasion whilst in Manchester and visiting the Quakers whilst back in my hometown. I probably could have also talked also about how my life working in a Catholic school often feels quite like 'going to church'.

I mentioned to him that I was no longer able or willing to identify as any particular form of Christian, that it's no good for me to do that - precisely because I feel it raises boundaries. I was once advised by fellow blogger, Andrew Brown, that it is better to write simply as yourself rather than on behalf of some particular tradition. This has taken me some years to come to practically but it feels liberating to be here.

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