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I, Seeker

I've read with interest the collective soul-searching (here, here, here and here) that is starting to take place amongst some Unitarian / UU bloggers regarding what it means to be a church, and what it means to be a member.There are so many questions raised by these posts.
  • What brings us here? Theology, politics, social action? God? Or are we just ticking a 'I go to church' box? Are we an inclusive church (by that I mean a called gathering of all sections of society) or a white middle-class fringe group?
  • Are we about changing the world? Are we out there getting our hands dirty? Or are we all about finding ourselves - chasing some euphoric encounter with an undemanding Sacred Other?
  • In our communities do we uncover Truth and allow ourselves to be challenged by it? Or are we just 'making up' niceties based on what feels most comfortable and affirming to how we are now at this present moment in time?
On reading the various posts, my internal dialogue was basically saying "yeh I'm thinking and feeling that too, hit 'em with it!" but also "um yeh, I'm guilty of that too, that's me and my relationship with the Unitarian church in a nutshell." I think this conversation both speaks to my condition - and awakens me to it.

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