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Whilst we may celebrate the end of the Gaddafi domination system in Libya - and may congratulate the brave men, women and children who have made sacrifices for this cause, from the average Libyan family to the British pilot & his family back home - surely there is no victory to be found in Gaddafi's cold-blooded execution to the chorus of 'God is Great'?


Bill Baar said...

I'd rather he was alive chatting away in a CIA safe house in central Europe naming all the folks he's worked with and bribed over the last forty years.

Robin Edgar said...

I agree with you Matt. When I saw the initial Reuters report, even before the videos of his capture became available I thought that Gaddafi had probably been summarily executed at the hands of the rebels aka freedom fighters. I would much rather he had been kept alive and put on trial so that the Truth about his regime could be revealed.

Matt said...

Yes, I agree with both points.

And whilst I usually reject conspiracy theorists, I am certain we will see the demise of Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi very soon, if not of his apparent wounds, but in some other 'random' shooting.

Robin Edgar said...

You agree with me agreeing with you Matt?

Wonderful! ;-)

I would not be surprised if a few other members of the Gaddafi clan are unceremoniously "offed" in the coming weeks and months. . .