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Quaker Week

I am currently in the process of reading Jean Hatton's biography of George Fox, which is proving to be very interesting not just in her portrayal of this 'English Prophet' but also in her descriptions of the context (the English Civil War period) in which he lived. Glancing from book onto the net, I stumbled across an article I found interesting
which then somehow led me to this:
I'd just been reading about Elizabeth Hooton in the biography mentioned above so this was of interest to me - I do think it's important that the female dissenters and campaigners of the past, at times operating in climate where some men believed that women had no souls, are championed for their audacity of hope (to steal a phrase).
    It had passed me by, but it seems the Religious Society of Friends in Britain are holding a 'National Quaker Week' from the 1st to the 11th of October (or Tenth Month, as traditional Quakers might call it) - this being the fifth event of its kind. I think it's a good idea - the entire community coming together in collective enterprise and opening their doors to the wider public, and in doing so, gaining some local and national media attention.

    It's an initiative that Unitarian & Free Christian churches could perhaps follow.

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