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Sacrificial Lambs vs. Sacrilegious Wolves

Anders Behring Breivik sits in a cell this morning believing he has a committed a sacrificial act in Norway - seemingly convinced he has given himself over to a higher, more noble cause. I do think the stark truth will hit him at some point. He is simply a mass murderer, despite his pretensions.

Yet across the globe we hear of a young Japanese man, going under the pseudonym Atsushi Watanabe, who has signed himself to working on containing the aftermath of the earthquake-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

In talking of his job, which is likely to lead to complex health problems which will in turn devastate all aspects of his life from being able to work until his older years, having a wife, having children etc., he simply says:

"There are only some of us who can do this job... I'm single and young and I feel it's my duty to help settle this problem." 

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