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Happy Birthday UCA

It would appear that today marks (more or less) the 20th Anniversary of the founding of the Unitarian Christian Association, an affiliate of the Unitarian and Free Christian denomination in the UK.

The fact that such a group had to be formed to preserve the Christian roots of this denomination is quite sad, because this denomination was once a groundbreaking pioneer of Christianity - it once embodied the Christianities of Priestley, Channing, Emerson, Martineau et al, but now pushes them to one side in favour of seemingly more shinier things (under the mantle of 'post-Christianity').

However, as the first 'church' I joined since I ejected myself from more mainstream denominations and as one of the few faith groups I have stook with (and they with me) through the ebbs and flows of my spiritual growth, I owe the UCA a lot - for their welcome to the disenchanted and disorientated wannabe-disciple, their theological and liturgical openness and for the body of thought-provoking work they provide periodically via The Herald (one of the first and few places to publish my articles, in turn giving me the confidence to write further).

So happy birthday UCA, and God Bless.

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