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"Victoria Becktum"

That was The Sun's headline this morning.

Meanwhile, it is now thought that News of the World reporters (close colleagues of Sun reporters, and all servants of the Murdoch Empire) hacked the phones of the families of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman following their murder in Soham and the phones of victims' families who were murdered in the 7/7 London terrorist attacks.

It is also interesting to note other tabloid headlines:
  • Daily Express - "NOW SALT IS SAFE TO EAT"
Only the Daily Mirror, a long-standing rival to The Sun, runs with the hacking scandal as its lead story. And I suspect that is more down to political and commercial expediency than a quest for more ethical journalism.

We have had a financial crisis caused by cavalier business elites, we have had a political crisis caused by greedy political elites and now the media elites prove themselves to be, by and large, mired in deceit and corruption.

And all we tend to do is sit waiting for someone brave enough and powerful enough to come along and really turn things upside down -.I guess we're looking a bit like the ancient peoples of Israel crying out in the wildnerness for a prophet...

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