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Bloody Revolution

I've just made my daily visit to Cranmer's blog and ended up viewing a shocking video. I usually actvely avoid watching horror videos (real or otherwise) but this perhaps needs seeing because our Western view of what's happening is being sanitised by our media. From Libya, Bahrain, Yemen to Syria, the peoples of the Middle East are rising up against their domination systems and we must support all of them in whatever way we can. Please write to our Prime Minister and your local MPs - request that they oppose / sanction these governments, cut off all ties and provide support for freedom of expression and non-violent protest.

To learn how to do this, visit the Amnesty International website.

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Bill Baar said...

PJ Media is doing an excellant job of hosting these horrific videos after youtube banned some of them. Get the mailing list for the Reform Party of Syria. You'll get bulletins on events as they happen. Also write the UU UN office and the UUSC to ask them to get behind petitions to the UN. If your on Facebook start friending the many Syrian groups and individuals theres.